How To Inspire Yourself Every Day

Welcome to Peaceable Kingdom Living in the new year. Here I’ll put in “words for thought” on an eclectic mix of topics including food, health, business, home living, real estate, archaeology and more. All to help get the Peaceable Kingdom Living balance that helps each reader live life to the fullest.

After all, it’s your life. Take charge of it and make life in this world what you want it to be. Learn how to inspire yourself every single day. I encourage readers to reflect on each entry and tell me your thoughts.

A Choice For You

I urge you all to choose one thing you wish to accomplish in the new year. Make it something significant, maybe a new job path to pursue, a home to build, a book or blog to write or even good health to achieve. Take a colorful sticky note and write the new year’s goal in big letters (try using a dark-colored marker). Underneath the goal write two ways you will accomplish it as a starting point.

Post It

Then, post the sticky note in a place where you will see it every morning. Try the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator door, the clothes closet door or a computer. Refer to this note every day and use the reminder to work toward your goal.

Journal It

Start a notebook or binder detailing the steps you have taken to achieve your goal. A step taken does not work? No worries. Just keep trying other ways to achieve your goal or try the step in a new way. You will want to keep track of what works and what does not.

Drive On The Road To Success

Setbacks are not to be dwelled on. Instead, brainstorm ways around each setback to propel yourself onward. Stay on the road and continue to drive yourself to where you want to be. Take that turnoff. Follow those twists…or not.

Whatever happens, keep moving on to your goal. Share your goal with others so they can help you reinforce your ambitions by continually pushing you forward in a positive way.

Yes, you can do it! But you have to continually act upon your intentions to achieve what you believe. Pave your own road to the success you want. Why wait? Start this instant.


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