Chaos, Conflict and Condoms

Strange, this season has been. Chaos in the United States election process. Phobias arise, brought on by the conflict master of politics, The Donald. These phobias are not new, just perpetuated by the master manipulator. Fears grow. Many think only The Donald can save them, can save our country.

A better name for him is master marketer. Yes, that’s right. The Donald may just have us all fooled. Fooled, we are. Maybe he’s not really that sexist or prejudiced. Perhaps he is using his prowess in creating chaos and conflict solely to get free press. His personal election budget funds, it saves. Free press he has in droves, on every channel, newspaper and blog, proving that we are mere apprentices for him to mold into what he wants us to become.

If only men wore condoms during sex all the time. Then, The Donald may never have existed. Planned Parenthood would not be such an issue. Ah, but then chaos and conflict would arise anyway, from some other perpetuator who probably doesn’t use condoms. We could make America great again, condoms be dammed, if only we weren’t so easy to mold. Yoda, apprentices need.


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